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The Storehouse functioning as a General Store in the early 1900’s.
(Note the old Victorian cast iron bridge and height of the road)
Synergies in Storehouse 41

As you approach the old storehouse on 41 Main Street from the General Store (known by some in town as Storehouse 41), you might notice a pulley near the roof. Back in the day, that pulley was used to lift bags of raw wool up to the second and third stories through doors on the outside of the building. On a nice afternoon these days, that second story door—now functioning as a window—might be open to let fresh air into what has become a spacious art studio.

Back on the ground, as you enter Storehouse 41, it opens up into a large lobby complete with couches, art, and engaging conversations between the current tenants. The building is filled with a motley lot of creatives, whose talents range from art and design to web building to composition to massage therapy.

The first office on the left is occupied by Gwen Ames, who has honed her web building practice Web Access LLC in Harrisville and specializes in search-engine optimization. She has worked with organizations both locally and across New England. She has also applied her design skills to the arrangement of the lobby furniture, which all the tenants enjoy as a place to entertain clients and to exchange creative thoughts and a drink with each other at the end of the day.

Above the couches and hardwood floors, the walls of the lobby are adorned with a rotating cast of artwork that is usually curated by one of the upstairs tenants, Michelle Aldredge. Michelle is a designer for print and web, and she is also a writer who runs the arts blog Gwarlingo, publishes in Art New England magazine, and helps clients with website copy and PR. Most recently, she collaborated with her studiomate, artist Corwin Levi, to publish Mirror Mirrored: A Contemporary Artists’ Edition of 25 Grimms’ Tales.

When Michelle and Gwen aren’t busy comparing notes on thorny web building points, they are both customers of another tenant, the massage therapist Mitsuko Tuccillo. Mitsuko has worked with NBA and NFL players, but now focuses on her private Harrisville studio, where she schedules clients and opens her space for walk-in Mondays (which will, in July and August, be known as “Happy Feet Day” and will concentrate on foot massage and treatment for balance and structural health). She not only brings in a steady stream of new faces to Storehouse 41, but is also responsible for the spectacle of other tenants periodically hanging from the stairs to traction their back and exercise their arms.

As a happy synergy, Mitsuko has commissioned the tenant next door, Louise Dierker, to compose music and make a video to project on the ceiling of Mitsuko’s studio during massages. Louise is a classically-trained composer, sound artist, and multimedia creator whose works explore patterns of everyday life and our relationship to the natural environment. She feels that life in rural New England is rich with imagery that prompts feelings which music, in its ability to convey and elicit emotions, is an excellent vehicle for sharing. She has also hired her co-tenant Michelle to design a new website and for branding work.

Rounding out the bottom floor of the storehouse is Rebecca Allen, who recently earned a Masters in Nutrition and is starting up a nutrition counseling business called Hearty By Nature, LLC. Her focus is on general health and getting people feeling their best so they can enjoy life and focus on what they love. She shares the space with her partner, Joe Siharath, who is making jewelry and wood burning at the storehouse.

And if you smell wild orange, peppermint, and geranium wafting down the stairs, you’ve noticed Em Falconbridge’s hub for essential oils, women’s gatherings, and creativity. Em works with therapeutic grade essential oils, empowering others to support their physical and emotional well-being through ancient plant wisdom. When not sharing delightful smells, she also runs creative workshops and an annual retreat in Bali.

Storehouse 41 is a lovely amalgamation of Harrisville creatives who are known not only for the quality of their work, but their friendly demeanor and willingness to collaborate across mediums and communities. Keep an eye out for their next open studio, or just swing by on a nice summer day to say hello.

Thanks to Corwin Levi who contributed this article!